The existence of Banjarmasin as the capital city of Banjar Kingdom can not be separated from the impact of the struggle for the throme in the Negara Daha, between prince Tumenggung wiyh the legitimate heir to the throne of Raden Samudera in the chaos that palace. Raden Samudera exile in the Barito River  downstream by Ngaju Dayaks called Banjar Oloh Masih or  Malays Village currently  known by the of the Banjarmasin.
In political fugitive  Raden Samudera looked ,that Banjarmasin with it is human resources  is  a potential strength  fir resistance against  the central powers ,namely the Negara Daha at the Barito River upstream  potential strength passessed by the Banjarmasin eventually received  formal recognition , when Raden Samudera  was appointed king by the Malays in the region. be countinued....

Source :keb dan pariwisata prov kalsel

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