The island of Kalimantan ,the natives called the Dayak is one of the largest island in the archipelago. Even in the historical record, Kutai located at the east of the island is earliest  region in contact with the culture of india ( Hindu and Buddhist ). At the end in Kutai emerged Negara the oldest tradsional in Indonesia.
In the southern region is the southeastern partbof the islan there are the traditional areas of Banjar people has already graced the national history of Indonesia . Here is the outline described in the Banjar culture and identity building until the time independence.
The Pre history ........,,
When we refer  to the sense of the word as reference to Banjar  nationalities , languages , culture regions ( culture areas) it is certain  that cultural hisory of Banjar  not know the level of prehistoric  times......that the culture ,emerged and develoved

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