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Banjar kingdom is the kingdom of Islam on the island of Kalimantan that territory includes most of the Kalimantan region at the present time. Banjar kingdom's first center is the area around North Kuin (now in the Banjarmasin), then moved to the palace in Kuin Martapura after destroyed by the Dutch. The kingdom was established in September 1526 with the Sultan Suriansyah (Indian Prince) as the first Sultan of the Kingdom of Banjar. Banjar kingdom collapsed at Banjar War ended in 1905. War is war, held Banjar Banjar kingdom against the Dutch colonization. The last king Sultan Mohammad Seman (1862 - 1905), who died at the time of doing battle with the Dutch in Puruk cahu.

 The emergence of the Kingdom of Banjar not be separated from the weakening influence of the State Daha as a powerful kingdom at that time. Precisely at the time of the State govern Raden Sukarama Daha, towards the end of his reign he bequeath the throne to his grandson State power Daha, Raden Ocean. However, a will is opposed by three children, namely Mangkubumi Sukarama Raden, Hero and Bagulung. After Raden Sukarama death, Prince Charming seized the powers of the legitimate heir to the throne Prince oceans and seize state power Daha.

prince SAMUDERA as the losing party to escape and hide in areas downstream Barito. He was protected by the Malay people who occupy the area. Kampung Malay people called the village is still a means oloh Malay kampung people still Pati leader. Eventually, the village has grown into a city banjarmasih because of hectic trading in this place and many traders are settled. In a political fugitive, raden Ocean Banjarmasih to see the potential of its human resources can be used as a potent force against the central power, the State of Daha. Banjarmasih strength to carry on the State Daha perlawaann finally got formal recognition after a melayu community raised Raden Ocean as the head of state.

This appointment is a turning point in the struggle of the Indian Prince. Formation of new political forces in banjarmasih, as a political force rivals to Daha this country into political media for Raden Ocean in an attempt to obtain rightful place as King in the State of Daha, while for the Melayu is their media to no longer pay taxes to the State of DaHA.

After becoming king in Banjarmasih, Raden samudra Patih still recommended by the Kingdom of Demak for assistance. Requests for assistance from the Indian Prince Sultan received by Demak, provided Raden Ocean and its followers have converted to Islam. Ocean conditions are affordable and Prince Sultan sent Demak contingent led by Khatib Dayan. Arriving at Banjarmasih, contingent Demak Banjarmasih join forces for an attack from the State of Daha in Barito river. Arriving in the area called the Hanging Biosciences, troops and contingent Bandarmasih Demak Daha State met with troops and a battle ensued. This battle ended with a consensus that it is a duel between the ocean with Prince Charming Prince. In that duel, Prince emerged as the winner of the Ocean and the battle ended in victory banjarmasih.

After the victory in battle, Raden Samudera State People move to Banjarmasih Daha, and Raden Ocean confirmed as head of state. Assimilation Banjarmasih population consisting of people of the State Daha, Malay, Dayak and Javanese people (contingent from Demak) described the unification of society under the rule of the Indian Prince. The collection of residents in this area banjarmasih cause became crowded, plus its location at the confluence of rivers and streams Barito Martapura cause traffic to be crowded and the establishment of trade relations. Raden Ocean eventually make Islam the state religion and its people to Islam. Title used by Raden Ocean since then changed to Sultan Suriansyah. Banjar kingdom was first led by the Sultan of this Suriansyah.

Banjar kingdom gradually growing and increasingly wide area. The kingdom was in its heyday as the capital banjarmasin extending from the first, and Martapura as a substitute after banjarmasin seized the capital the Netherlands, the land area of ​​the sea, Margasari, amandit, alai, marabahan, consisting of five banua Nagara, Alabio, Banar River, Amuntai and Kalua and Barito upstream areas. The kingdom extended to the ground spices, Sea Island, Sand, Berau and Kutai in East panati. Kotawaringin, Hedgehogs, Sukadana and Sambas in the west. All regions are Region Kingdom of Banjar (which when viewed from our present age, the kingdom controlled almost the entire territory Banjar borneo in 4 provinces). All of the region to pay taxes and tribute. All areas were never subject as conquered, but because they recognize under the Kingdom of Banjar, except that sand areas conquered in 1663.

  Today the city Banjarmasin

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